Getting to Know You

I could have just as easily titled this “Random Self-Indulgence,” but if you’re coming with me on this publication journey, maybe you’d like to know how it all started.

That pretty much sums it up.  I’ve been writing since I learned how.  When I was ten, I decided to write a novel about a girl and her family heading west in a covered wagon.  But Laura Ingalls Wilder sort of beat me to that one.

Undaunted, I headed into middle school where an assignment to write a short story prompted me to pen 30 handwritten pages about a cheerleader with multiple personalities who goes on a killing spree.  I got a 98%.  My teacher explained that nothing was ever perfect, a lesson that’s still with me today.  Mission accomplished, Mrs. Williams.

In high school, I wrote on and off until I discovered fan fiction.  Writing turned into a passion as I realized that I had a knack for dialogue and voice…as long as those voices belonged to someone else’s characters.  Slowly, I built up a following online and over the years, I learned so much about the craft of writing just by trial and error.

I entered Florida State as a Theatre major, but switched at the last minute and ended up getting a degree in Creative Writing.  I loved the program; one of my great regrets is that I didn’t get to take more classes before the rush to graduate on time.

After college, I kept writing, mostly online, although I won a contest on eHarlequin and penned a couple of TV scripts which did not get me into the Disney Writing Fellowship:(  With my mind set on becoming a TV writer anyway, I moved to Los Angeles.

Ironically, living in the land of script writers made me turn back to novels.  I joined the Los Angeles chapter of the Romance Writers of America, an amazing group of women (and a few men) who are supportive and encouraging and, above all things, kind and generous.  I took a class at UCLA and met two wonderful and funny women’s fiction writers, Megan Crane and Liza Palmer.  Surrounded by all of that inspiration, I was able to finally finish a project.

So, here I am, with one completed manuscript, a dozen half-finished novels on my hard drive, and a desire to write that has only gotten stronger with time.

If you’re reading this, you have probably helped in my journey so far, and for that, I thank you.  Here’s to the next leg!



One thought on “Getting to Know You

  1. Claudia Brandao says:

    Eu sou uma leitora Brasileira de Fanfictions. E eu me apaixonei por suas histórias desde o primeiro momento. Especialmente CSI. Eu amo isto. Você é uma das melhores escritoras daquele site. Estou realmente feliz que você esteja realizando seu sonho e conquistando mas a cada dia. Parabéns! Mas eu gostaria de pedir uma coisa, ‘humildemente’. Que você não abandone as histórias incompletas de CSI…Você disse: “Qualquer coisa inacabada tem o potencial de tornar-se concluída. Nunca perca a esperança.” Por isso eu estou aqui…Pedindo que você lembre-se da Fic “All Have to Do”. Essa história é simplesmente encantadora! Posso manter minha esperança mesmo depois de tantos anos? Muitos estão na expectativa como eu, você deve saber. Por favor…considere este pedido em nome de tantos outros leitores aqui mesmo do Brasil e do mundo. Muitos deles eu sei que se sentem como eu mas não foram ousados o suficiente para ao menos tentar antes de desistir. Eu estou aguardando…Muito obrigada.

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