Version 2.0

I finished rewriting two major scenes in my book yesterday, and when I say rewriting, I mean literally deleting what existed and creating two entirely new scenes to take their place.

I’ve had to do that a lot with this manuscript.  Writing a book in 30 days is a rush, but it also leaves you with 200+ pages of “WTF was I thinking when I wrote this??”

Most writers will tell you that, not unlike an undercooked doughnut, the middle of a first draft is usually a soggy and mushy mess.  My book got so off course that I’ve had to completely rewrite the middle section, mostly because I didn’t realize the story needed three particular characters until I reached the final third of it.

How does that happen?  Well, that’s the problem with not plotting too much before you dive into a month of writing frenzy.  Things get overlooked.  That’s what the second draft is for, after all.

And while I still recognize that the plot needs to be tighter, I like this second draft so much more than the first, that I can’t wait to start the third.


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