Fun with Quantum Mechanics

Anyone who is a science geek or a fan of “The Big Bang Theory” knows that Schrodinger’s cat, while he remains out of sight in his box, is both alive and dead.

In Schrodinger’s experiment, the only way to tell if the cat is dead or alive is to open the box.

So is it with novels.

Right now, my book is both good and bad.  No one has read it, but many people have heard about it.  As of this moment, it could go either way.

The only way to tell for sure if it rocks or sucks is to have someone else read it.

(Someone who is not my mother because while I don’t believe she would tell me it was good if it was the worst thing she’d ever read, I also can’t see her bursting my bubble by telling me that I wrote 200 pages of crap. )

Outside opinions are the “opening the box” part of this equation.  At this point, I can’t tell if this book is something I should keep working on, or something I should toss into my writing files and refer to as a learning experience years from now when I’m on a book tour.

This is me, putting the ‘uncertainty’ into the uncertainty principle.


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