Santa Has an Agenda

Another Christmas has come and (almost) gone.  If your living room doesn’t look like this…

…then you are probably one of those rare and beautiful creatures who place the true meaning of the season above the crassness of commercialism.

You get extra marshmallows in your cocoa.  Go enjoy them while the rest of us talk about presents.

This year, I asked Santa to help me publish a novel, and he came through in the only way he really could:  books.  I asked for and received the 2012 Writer’s Market, as well as guides to both literary agents and query letters.

I may not have a perfectly polished copy of the manuscript that I’m not even sure is good enough to be shined up, much less shipped out, but I figured that now is the time to start reading up on what I will need to do when that time comes, whether it’s for this novel or another.

But I also have to keep in mind that these books, especially the guides, are just that…guides.  They are not laws; they are not sure-fire, fail-proof methods.  In the end, the perfect query letter will get you nowhere if the book itself is a mess.  And sometimes, a horrible query letter will sell a book, especially if the manuscript is great.

That being said, it never hurts to learn the rules before you break them:)

I’m glad that Santa is with me on this journey.  Given the arbitrary nature of the industry and the difficulty of breaking into it, I could definitely use a little magic.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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