Romance Junkies….Assemble!!

As I started handing out my business card here at the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Anaheim, I realized, with a fair amount of dread, that I’ve pretty much failed on my promise to update this blog more often.  What can I say?  I’ve never been good at keeping journals, and apparently that is as true in cyberspace as it was with my junior high diary.  Not that there was anything more profound in that aborted tome beyond my desire to marry Jonathan Brandis, may he rest in peace.

So, no assurances this time. Just my honest promise to try harder in the future.

Being at this convention, surrounded by my writing heroes (Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Hoyt, Lorraine Heath…I could go on and on), is inspiring, exhilarating, and maybe a touch intimidating, but not in a bad way.  Everyone here knows exactly what it feels like to have characters running through your head, refusing to stop until you tell their story.  They also know how hard and frustrating telling a great love story can be.  It’s so much more than “boy meets girl, they have hot sex and live happily ever after,” which is sometimes what I think people assume about romance novels.

Writing is work. If it’s not hard you’re not doing it right.  And no one’s worked harder than the women (and men) at RWA 2012.  So we deserve some free books!!

So far, I’ve gotten over twenty books in 24 hours.  Basically I will be too busy reading for the next few months to write.

Hmm…I sense a flaw in all of this…


One thought on “Romance Junkies….Assemble!!

  1. Claudia Brandao says:

    Foi bom ouvir sobre você. Ainda tenho esperanças para CSI… Você escreveu coisas lindas sobre eles.

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