Pinch Me

Today I heard Nora Roberts (yes, that Nora Roberts) say something fabulous. “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John should have had an editor.”  I nodded my head, because when Nora Roberts says something about writing, you agree with it, but it was only when an editor requested to see my full manuscript after a thirty second pitch that I really became a fan of the profession.

Not that I had anything against them before; after all, they are the gatekeepers to the wonderful world of being freaking published already, but they always seemed like these mythical creatures, spoken of with great reverence, but never seen in the wild.  Well, the RWA national convention is their natural habitat, and thanks to a friend who gave me her pitch session, one of them liked the idea of my book enough to give me her card and ask me to send her the full manuscript.

Actually, her exact words were, “I love this sort of thing.” Not that I memorized it on the walk back to the main hotel or anything.


I think the key was that I didn’t have a chance to be nervous.  I had to run to make the appointment, so there was no time to revise my log line for the five hundredth time.  I just up-chucked the book in a couple of sentences and hoped for the best.  And I got it.  (Selling on a pitch is a fantasy that everyone has to get over pretty quickly.)  A full, though…wow.  Not a synopsis, not a partial, but the whole book.

Oh crap.  Now I’m getting nervous.


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