Love Story Friday #1 – The Doctor and Rose Tyler

I’m starting a new feature on “BIRAW.”  I like to call it Love Story Friday.  Every week, I will put up a post featuring one of my favorite love stories from history, literature, TV or movies.  If you’re anything like me, you draw inspiration from these romances.  Maybe you’ll even discover a new favorite couple!

I’m kicking this feature off with one of my favorite couples.  He was a 900 year old Time Lord who destroyed his planet to save the universe, only to end up all alone.  She was a young girl living an average boring life in the slums of London until she was nearly killed by aliens.  When he saved her life and she helped him save the city, he offered her a chance to explore all of time and space in the long-running BBC cornerstone, Doctor Who.

Rose’s smile started healing all of the wounds the Doctor’s actions during the Time War had left on his soul.  The Doctor taught Rose that she could be so much more than just a shop girl.  But it wasn’t a love that could last forever.  He was immortal; she was not.

Rose:  I thought you and me were–but I obviously got it wrong.  I’ve been to the year 5 billion, right, but this–this is really seeing the future.  You just leave us behind.  Is that what you’re going to do to me?

Doctor:  No.  Not to you.

Rose:  But Sarah Jane.  You were that close to her once, and now–you never even mention her.  Why not?

Doctor:  I don’t age.  I regenerate.  But humans decay.  You wither and you die.  Imagine watching that happen to someone that you–

Rose:  What, Doctor?

Doctor:  You can spend the rest of your life with me.  But I can’t spend the rest of mine with you.  I have to live on.  Alone.  That’s the curse of the Time Lords.

Still, Rose would have spent the rest of her life with the Doctor, and he was on the verge of letting her, but fate had other plans.  She was sucked into an alternate universe where he couldn’t follow.  He tried to move on with two other companions, but everything reminded him of what he’d lost.

Lilith:  And as for you, Sir Doctor–fascinating.  There is no name.  Why would a man hide his title in such despair?  Oh!  But look!  There’s still one word with the power of the days–

Doctor:  The naming won’t work on me.

Lilith:  But your heart grows cold, the north wind blows and carries down the distant…Rose.

Doctor:  Oh, big mistake!  ‘Cause that name keeps me fighting!

Their love seemed lost forever until an alien race started breaking down the walls of the universes and she was able to slip back into hers.  But through a unique set of circumstances, a half-human clone of the Doctor was created as they saved the world again.

Unable to be with Rose, the Doctor sent her back to her alternate universe with his clone, a man who had all of his memories, but would grow old and die with the woman they both loved.

Rose:  But he’s not you!

Doctor:  He needs you.  That’s very me. 

New Doctor:  I look like him, I think like him.  Same memory, same thoughts, same everything–except I’ve only got one heart.

Rose:  Which means?

New Doctor:  I’m part human.  Specifically the ageing part.  I’ll grow old and never regenerate.  I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler.  I could spend it with you–if you want.

Rose:  You’ll grow–grow old at the same time as me?

New Doctor:  Together.

As far as we know, Rose and her new Doctor are living happily ever after in the alternate universe.  Meanwhile, the real Doctor regenerated again, got a new companion, even got married (a couple of times)…but still, when he was dying and he asked the TARDIS to show him a picture of someone he liked…the first image his time machine brought up was of Rose Tyler.


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