Even Romance Writers Get the Blues

So, I’m deep into editing my book, getting it ready to send out.  To be honest, it’s slow work and I’m starting to hate everything I write.  I just feel like it’s not good enough, sharp enough, original enough, clever enough.

And I guess I’m afraid, not of rejection necessarily, but of failing.  I know all the cliches about failure, and there’s wisdom in all of them, but it’s not helping my fingers fly across the keyboard any faster.

I already feel like I’m failing at so many other things; I just don’t want my dream career to be one of them.


4 thoughts on “Even Romance Writers Get the Blues

  1. Paul says:

    Aww don’t be disheartened, you can do it!!! You are not failing in what you do, and a lot of the cliches about failure and overcoming it are actually true. Have faith and confidence in your abilities, and great things will happen. Getting your fingers flying across the keyboard may be tough at times, but when they do they create wonderful things. Your dream career will become a reality – you can do it!!!!

  2. ogredon says:

    I always felt it was knowing you’re best reword will hit ten seconds after it’s sent. it helped me to have an opposing story open, so any distracting thought could be dumped out-of-mind to refocus. “Sleeping on it” helps. Sure, proofers find errors, but their real value is misinterpreting innate themes so you know where to add huge, blunt hammers. Don’t be afraid of huge, blunt hammers?

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