Summer Writin’

There’s a mass of hot air sitting over Los Angeles, spiking the temperatures past 100 degrees for almost a week.  This isn’t unusual; we live in the desert, after all.  But how do you concentrate on editing a book when you want to rip off all your clothes and jump into the Arctic Ocean?

Suddenly, this makes total sense.

Some people would say to take up residency in Starbucks or the local library branch, but I am one of those unfortunate souls who is very easily distracted by outside stimuli.  (I have shiny object syndrome.)  When I do sit down to write, I have no music, I put my phone on vibrate and I turn off my wireless connection.  It’s not impossible for me to write outside my house, but it isn’t what I prefer and it’s so much harder than if I’m at my own desk.

So, I find myself staying up later and later to write long after the scorching sun has gone to bed.  I’ve also been doing good with getting up in the mornings and writing before the heat of the day turns my living room into a very colorful oven.

This means I haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep.  Which leads me to make decisions such as taking away my hero’s ability to speak to the heroine.  Yeah, I totally did that.  It could be awesome or terrible.  I’m going to leave it to my temporary beta reader, Justin, to make that determination.

Right now, it’s just after eight p.m. and my apartment has cooled down to a reasonable 80 degrees.  Time to start working!  Maybe tonight I’ll cripple another character.

Do you find that your writing habits change according to the seasons?


3 thoughts on “Summer Writin’

  1. Paul says:

    Shiny object syndrome can be a very powerful distraction to the creative process. I do like your suggestion about the pool though.

    I agree that the outside environment, both physical and social, can guide and buffet one’s writing like the wind on a sailing ship,

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